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They call me the Mouse Whisperer

I am no stranger to critters in my room. I’ve had spiders, crickets, ants, lizards… Yes, even lizards. I had another little visitor last night around 3 in the morning. I awoke from a light dozed after turning in for the night only about an hour before.

Rustle. Rustle.

What was that?


Okay, I’m going to slooowly reach for the light remote aaaand– Aha!

I made eye contact with a mouse about the size of a golf ball before he ran under my nightstand which might have seemed like a good hiding spot but was, in fact, not. He only had one way out, I saw, once I got down there with my phone glowing into the opening. There he was, basically trapped.

So, I grabbed the closest storage container I had, emptied it and put it in front of his only exit. It only took a small tap on the side of the nightstand to get him out. He panicked for a little while before settling down, which is when we finally got a good look at each other. He seemed to make a soft noise as we stared at each other and then went to a corner of the box to doze.

“Bored, are ya? Okay, well, I’ll let you go then.”

The weather was nice outside so, I figured, he wouldn’t mind being released back into the wild. He didn’t seem so willing to run away until I shooed him, so I’d like to think that we now have a bit of an understanding between the two of us. Not that I really want him to come visiting again any time soon. I’m obviously not the type to jump up on a chair and scream when I see a mouse, but I’m just worried he might chew on the wrong thing one day.

Well, I should really be going to bed. Still researching the right place to send my story. I have two places to consider possibly right now and, meanwhile, the story I’m working on for NaNoWriMo is beginning to take better form now. At least, it is in my head and not so much on paper. That’s what editing is for though, right?

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Sweet Rejection

I had an interesting thing happen last night/this morning. I was up later than usual and around 4 am I got an email from a magazine I’d submitted to. I had just been thinking about it earlier, why I hadn’t given up on getting a reply from them even though I knew that they were having issues that were delaying submission responses. They must have heard my mental wonderings, because there was a personalized reply, waiting in my inbox.

Sadly, and not so sadly it was a rejection letter. Why not so sadly, you ask? Because of what they said in the email. They thought it would be more suitable for a younger audience, actually, and that was basically why they decided not to go with it even though they enjoyed the story. I practically slapped myself and said, “of course!”

 I had been hesitant to go younger because I wasn’t sure if parents would want their kids reading a story where a boy gets snatched up by a monster, but then I remembered the type of stories I read around that age. I definitely read worse things in books meant for 12 and under. So, I’m starting anew with this story and looking for children’s magazines.

I should have thought of that sooner, really. One of my earlier drafts of the story was read to an elementary class a while back — which I didn’t know about until after the fact. That is what happens when a parent takes a copy of your story to work and shows it to an English teacher.

I’m also taking this chance to change the title of the story. I’m bad at thinking of titles, if you haven’t noticed by some of the ones I have for my posts. Soon after I got the email though, a new title popped into my head that finally fit. Took me months, but I did it! I don’t think the story felt quite finished because of the constantly changing, boring titles.

Anyway, I’ll get back to hunting down children’s magazines, and writing for NaNoWriMo, and writing something else… Let’s just say I’m going to be doing a lot of writing this week.

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I think I have glitter in my hair…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Halloween, for me, was a tiring night. I spent most of the day getting things ready for it, since we had to have enough food for everyone. Today, all I want to do is wash the gallon of hairspray that’s still in my hair out, and take a long soak in the bath tub. I have work to do though. NaNoWriMo has officially started today. So, I’ll be typing away… once I have that bath.

I got to talking with someone at our party who, due to a class, has a Kindle book published on Amazon. She described it as more of a short pamphlet, but I thought that was intriguing, how easy it is now to get something self published and how quick you can get it out there electronically. It doesn’t necessarily mean that people will read it — usually takes good promoting — but it’s amazing how things have changed.

I used to be on the fence about electronic publication and ebooks. I liked the printed page and holding a book in my hands. But, a professor once brought up a good point that has changed my mind. An ebook has the potential of reaching more people faster, and as a writer it’s an incredible thought that your story is being read by someone miles and miles away. Printed books will never disappear, in my opinion, since sometimes it just nice to be able to flip through pages and feel a solid book in your hand, but I’m fully willing to download an ebook and read it.

If the words are good, it shouldn’t matter.

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