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‘Tis the season to learn some things

Things I’ve learned since my last post:

1. I’m still in shape enough to walk four blocks in the cold and actually enjoy it.

2. Orange marmalade on yams is Not good.

3. Pie is good for the writing process.

4. You should wear proper footwear and warm up before ding-dong ditching houses for Secret Santa.

It’s that time of the year where we start making some interesting memories. Me, I’ve grown a little more out of my shell, though I still don’t mind my own time alone. No one asked me a ton of questions about life and my future this year at Thanksgiving, which was very nice. I’ve been on pins and needles at a few family gatherings lately, waiting for the next person to ask me the same question for the hundredth time. It was quite a relief not to having to answer any questions at all. In fact, between that and an evening of eating pie for the holidays I was able to work out the missing puzzle piece to a story I’ve had in my head for months.

You could say that I’ve been working backwards and sideways with this story — not my typical method. I have two characters with pretty detailed backgrounds written up or in my head, but neither of them happen to be the main character of the story. The protagonist has been this vague, boring blur and — finally! — I’ve figured out who she is. Well, mostly. I’ve at least found her motivation in the story, which is part of who she is.

Am I being vague enough about that?

Well, I’d get more specific but… it’s a secret… or maybe it’s just because I’d really like to write the whole story before I talk about it to anyone. How about I say this: It’s a story about a girl with a curse.

Don’t worry, she’s not a vampire. It’s not that sort of curse. And, she won’t be angsty or the brooding type as so many cursed characters feel that they should be. Although, I have to admit, everyone broods once in a while so I can’t say that she won’t have her moments.

Anyway… Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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