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I am not a serial reader

Do you know that type? Are you that type? Can you pick up a book and read it from start to finish without having the urge to pick up one or two — maybe four? — more books or stories to read? Kudos to you if you are.  I admire your focus level. Wish I could do it sometimes.

I, however, am more of the piles-of-books-to-read-how-’bout-I-just-start-this-next-book-now type. There are some pros and cons to this mad method.


– If you get to a lull in one story you can move to another story to take a break, then dive back in.

– You get to take in more writing styles at once.


– Takes longer to finish whatever you’re reading.

– …. wait, did that happen in this book or that one?


There’s sometimes too great a difference in the reading materials for that last one to be a problem, but… it’s happened. I enjoy my book juggling, I suppose, so long as I don’t compare how long it takes me to get through a book to others’ speed. I am considered a bit of a slow reader even without the way I jump from one thing to another though. Again, I don’t really mind. I want to absorb the story and bring it to life in my head. I feel that if I read it any faster I might miss something, like when you fast-forward a movie.

Anyway, whatever type of reader you are I think the important thing is the fact that you’re reading. Doesn’t matter what your speed or method is, so long as you have the interest. I can get pretty annoyed with those that think highly of themselves simply because they can get through a book in one day that might have taken you three instead.

And, oh look, where did this soap box come from? Had no idea I was standing on it…

Okay, I should be sleeping. Toodles.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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I haven’t posted since last year!


And that is the end of the New Year jokes.

But, seriously, it’s been a while. Part of that was because my computer crashed. The other part… laziness, the uncertainty of what I should say. Maybe a few other things.

Now, I know it’s already four days into the new year but I figured this is a good time to contemplate the previous year and work on some new goals and a new attitude for the coming days. Last year had many ups and downs. Many. Some of the down parts  — okay, most of them — were made worse by my mindset. So…

1. Think positive.

And, the rest of my goals I’m not so sure about yet. I figured that, with a better attitude, other goals might become more apparent as well as reachable. I do, however, want to:

2. Write more.

3. Read more.

4. Increase my income.

5. Pay off student loans.

6. Apply for Grad school.

Okay, perhaps there were more goals in my head than I thought. I think I would also like to travel this year, somewhere outside of the US. See more than the west coast at least.

I’ve already been working on the reading more goal. I’m currently reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I usually don’t read vampire books, but I’m a fan of Robin McKinley. I’ve read most of her other books. She likes to retell stories like Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty. I like to re-read fairytales and she does it well.


Sunshine by Robin McKinley

Sunshine was originally published in 2003, before Twilight incited the paranormal romance movement. In some ways, it’s what I was hoping the Twilight series would be when I tried reading the first book. I’m still working on McKinley’s book, of course, but already the main character is very fleshed out. The vampires — I like. They aren’t beautiful creatures and though there is this whole erotic image around vampires from practically the beginning, that doesn’t really apply to McKinley’s vampires.

They are blood suckers, they smell like vampires and they move like vampires, and it’s not all that attractive. At all, really.

Now, here are some excerpts from the book to give you an idea of why I enjoy it. Sunshine, or Rae, has a sarcastic attitude, which I like.:

“Vampires do breathe, by the way, but their chests don’t move like humans’. Have you ever lain in the arms of your sweetheart and tried to match your breathing to his, or hers? You do it automatically. Your brain only gets involved if your body is having trouble. Fortunately there was nothing about this situation that was like being in the arms of a sweetheart except that I was leaning against someone’s naked chest. I could no more have breathed with him than I could have ignited gasoline and shot exhaust out my butt because I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car.”


“My kind [vampires] does not surprise easily,” he said. “You surprised me, this morning. I have thus used up my full quota of shock and consternation for some interval.”
I stared at him. “You made a *joke*.”
“I have heard this kind of thing may happen…”


I’ll tell you guys what I think of the whole book once I’ve finished it, but if the beginning and middle are any indication of the end, I’m probably going to like the end. Well, off to reach my goals I guess. 

Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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