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I’m not a dog, I don’t speak on command

I have a pet peeve. Well, I have a few but this one has gotten on my nerves since a very young age and I would just like to rant talk about it for a moment.

Imagine you’re at a public gathering, a party, a dinner, etc. You’ve had your fill of talking or something is suddenly on your mind so you grow silent. Then, suddenly, someone who you weren’t speaking to notices and says quite brazenly, “Well, you’re a quiet one. Why don’t you talk?”

In my mind I’m thinking, “Well, you’re a loud one! Why don’t you talk less?”

It can be kind of cute when an old, grandfatherly type says this because they somehow manage to make it sound like a compliment or quickly chase it with one. Most of the time, however, it’s like loudly pointing out that a piece of spinach is stuck in someone’s teeth. Not that wanting some quiet time during a social gathering should be considered akin to greens in your choppers. It’s just that many of those who use this phrase or those similar are putting you on the spot by doing so. What? Am I supposed to say something now? Should I tell you why I’m not talking? Perhaps I should bark or do a trick for you?

I should probably take this moment to mention that my internal voice is far more sarcastic and snarky than my outward appearance. Yes, it’s true that those who get to know me will see that side of me but most vague acquaintances don’t realize how strange I actually am. So, when I come across the mentioned people above, on the outside I look embarrassed but on the inside I’m embarrassed and silently imagining dumping my drink over their head to keep them from saying the idiotic words that usually follow.

So, word to the wise: If there’s a “quiet one” in the group, ask their name or maybe their opinion on something rather than risk someday actually getting that surprise shower. Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it was the quiet ones you should look out for?



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Dreaming of Asparagus Beasts

So, I promised that I would talk about how my dreams have inspired my writing lately. For the past three days I’ve been busy with a project that was so tedious and mind-numbing, I didn’t dream. Well, I didn’t remember any of my dreams. As soon as I was finished with the job though, just last night, I fell asleep and fell into an adventure. Secret, underground lairs on secret islands.

See what I mean when I say they’re inspiring?

I like to dream. I don’t like nightmares of course, but I do like the ability of dreams to make us feel like the impossible is possible and that the irrational makes sense. And I think that’s the essence of what I want to bring to my writing, which is why I’ve taken to working on stories inspired by my own dreams.

Now, let me tell you, not all of it has been good. When you have a dream with creatures in it that oddly resemble flying asparagus with eyes… yeah. You just chalk that up to indigestion or something and move on. Or maybe… Ok, so the asparagus beasts are still lingering and waiting to be put into a story some day. I admit it. They just won’t be showing up any time soon. Maybe.

I’ve heard of authors in the past who were inspired by a dream. Frankenstein was supposed to be inspired by a nightmare Mary Shelley had and, yes, I even heard that Twilight from Stephanie Meyer started with a dream. So, I woke from a nap one day — the nap that brought the asparagus beast to me — and thought, “My dreams are interesting and bizarre. Why not write them down?”

I hope that someday soon I will be able to share my dreams with everyone. I’m interested to know if anyone might pick one of my stories up one day in the future, read it and find that they’ve had the very same dream.

Well, until next time. Sweet, Intriguing Dreams.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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Nerd? Well, maybe. Definitely.

I’ve been unsure about what to write lately. Every time I brought up this blog I’d pause, think for a moment, and then close the window. Nothing.

The past few weeks have been interesting though. Was sick as a dog a little while back. If sick as a dog means that sleeping on the ground seems like a good idea because the urge to vomit is somehow lessened that way. I barely ate anything that first day, even chicken soup was disgusting. The day that I was finally fully recovered was the day I practically inhaled a bowl of rice and chicken, I was so hungry.

Then, Super Bowl weekend came. I’m not a football fanatic. My grandfather played football in college though, so he likes to have family over to eat food and watch the game. I’ve learned to appreciate the energy of the game, but this particular game day I spent most of my time chatting in the other room and occasionally glancing at the score. I wound up discussing anime with my oldest sister most of the evening. I haven’t watched any in a while but we’d seen most of the same ones.

When most hear the word anime they think nerd and, well, they’re kind of right. But, I’m your average nerd, really. I don’t go around pretending that I’m a ninja, yelling out fight moves and throwing invisible shurikens. I watch anime because they are 1) pleasing to the eye aesthetically 2) another source of stories. I don’t care if it’s foreign, the story’s interesting. I get a little annoyed when they spend too much time in a scene simply thinking or staring (DBZ, anyone?), but I like everything else about them.

On to other things now:

1. I’m in a writing group, showed one of my short stories (intended audience, middle school boys) and they told me that they wanted a novel. A novel?! I admit that I mentally balked. But, but, but — it’s finished! They are probably right, so I’m going to be working on a major re-write.

2. I’m trying to learn Korean. I’m slowly memorizing their alphabet, known as Hanguel or 한 글. I now know how to write tree: 나무. I’m very proud of myself. I was first very confused about the positions of the symbols, but then learned one of the most important facts to correct writing. When you have a horizontal vowel, the consonant goes above it. Vertical, it goes beside it. Obviously this rule only applies to the first consonant.

3. I have been asked to be the editor of a newsletter. Woot! It’s not a paying job but, hey, experience. I’m excited… and nervous about it.

4. The freelance jobs are slowly rollin’ in. Was just hired for a rather decent paying job that’ll last about 3 days.

5. My dreams have become my writing inspiration lately. Next post will go more into details on that.


Until next time.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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Sprint Writing

I’ve been giddy today. My blood has been buzzing under my skin and there’s only one solution to that: Writing.

I like to write in small, furious bursts. That’s probably because I’m so easily distracted. It also keeps me from getting too frustrated though. Whenever I tried to force myself to sit and write for more than ten minutes at a time I got lost, and not in the good way. Everything starts looking like garbage, or my eyes creep up the page to something I might, perhaps, maybe want to change before I continue. Oh, what a terrible habit that is.

Writing for short periods at a time has allowed me to keep on writing with blinders on though, surprisingly. I thought doing so might tempt me to edit as I work, but it’s not really the case. I might re-write something or, a couple sentences down, decide to elaborate on a scene or thought some more but I refuse to erase anything until I’m done with the first draft.

So, are you a marathon writer, a sprint writer, or something else?

Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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