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Cursed, You Be

Got a question for ya. Yes, you who happens to be reading this blog post for whatever reason (like, perhaps, maybe, you like what I have to say?).

Let’s say that you were cursed all of a sudden. Curses are usually punishments, a consequence of your actions whether they were innocent or otherwise. That, or someone just really, really doesn’t like you. What do you think your curse would be? And I’m not talking about those simple ones like a curse that makes you lose your hair, grow warts or have diarrhea for a couple of days. Someone out there wants you to suffer through your worst nightmare or take away your greatest joy.

I know that’s rather personal, but if you are willing to share I would love to know. Personally, I think being cursed to never love would probably be the worst curse for me.

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Boy Adventure Novel?

I was thinking, as I often do — gets me in a lot of trouble, doing that — about all sorts of writing things. Recently, you may know, I submitted a short story to my writer’s group for them to heavily critique. It’s been some time since then and while I said I would do some major work on it, I’ve been holding back.


Well, while I agreed completely with all of their grammatical critiques, I was still bothered by some of what they said about the story itself. I know that a few posts back I said that I’d probably go along with what they said and turn it into a novel, but after the initial shock of the critique wore off I thought to myself, “it might not be finished, but why make it a novel?” I like short story writing, and I still feel that this story should be one.

Now, the second issue: They didn’t see the main character change.

I thought and thought about this one. Did my protagonist really never change? Was the tale pointless? I was feeling rather depressed after a few thoughts like those. Then, a few revelations hit me.

1) My group members want a happy ending.

2) I might be going too young with my target audience.


When my group members said that they wanted to see the character change, they were saying it from a very different mindset than myself. They assume that a character must change for the better in order for it to be an actual change. They wanted to see the protagonist overcome and meanwhile I was thinking, “but this is a horror, protagonists are usually traumatized at the end.” Okay, so it is true that I could work on portraying this trauma a little better but I am adamantly holding on to my “no real happy ending” mentality for this story.

Which brings me to the target audience. Alright. I admit it. I told them that the intended audience was a middle school boy and that was a big no-no. Why? Because, who wants their kid to read a story about another kid their age being killed by a monster? To be honest, I only told them that because someone else thought it was meant for a younger audience. A reader does NOT necessarily need to be in the same age group as the characters, and I was ignoring this fact for other people’s opinions.

So, I’m going for the audience that I initially thought of when I was writing this. Adults. Hah, take that. True, there are some changes I still have in mind but I’m going to show them what this story was really meant to be. It’s not some middle school boy’s adventure novel. It’s a weird tale, a horror, pretty much anything but an adventure novel.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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