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What to do when you’re not writing…

Today I sort of, kind of wrote. I swear that I will be writing more before this night is over, but for most of the evening I was working on something else. It’s Father’s Day this Sunday (which is only half an hour away as I type.) and was having trouble deciding what to get my dad. We were watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets just the other day and he mentioned that I should try making a Skele-Gro bottle like they have in the movie.

Now, you’re probably thinking that was exactly what I did but, alas, no. After looking up pictures and seeing what would need to be done, I decided that was one thing that I would have to have more time to work on, as well as more materials. It’ll be a birthday present instead. Meanwhile, I made something else…



Ta Da!

My dad loves Halloween. It’s the one time of year that he gets to decorate the house like crazy. He makes his own tombstones, an iron (actually plastic) fence, a kicking witch, and all sorts of Halloween knick knacks. Last year he made a whole collection of potion and spell books. This year he’s working on new light fixtures for indoors.
Anyway, the picture isn’t the greatest and I’m not entirely done with it but it was well worth the work. I took tin foil, polymer clay, a little paint and fake leaves to pull it off.  
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Diving Head First Can Be Hazardous

There are some things you have to try at least once in your life.

That is one of the reasons why I am here now, writing this first post for a blog I have no sure confidence anyone will read. My second reason is not really a reason at all, simply an urge to write something of my own which is hardly reasonable at this time (College graduate, impending debt, no details necessary). I have been writing for others for so many years — essays, articles, reviews, a short 2-3 sentence paragraph answering a question too vague to understand — that I am ultimately tired.  This translates into a lack of motivation to do anything productive. I’m half tempted to live the rest of my years huddled in a dimly lit room playing online games that have no point while keeping a steady stream of funk and soul playing in the background, thrumming through my head until I can’t remember what quiet feels like.

This is the month that may, possibly, perhaps and most likely will change my life. I’m doing my own personal nanowrimo. 50,000 words in 1 month. Can I do it? From my past record I would say that the odds are poor. Nanowrimo takes place every November and every time I have stepped up to the challenge I’ve found a hundred other things to distract me. Which is why, now, I am attempting my own challenge this month and then diving head-first into the upcoming Camp Nanowrimo which first inspired me to do this.

Then, I got the insane idea that I’d keep a record in addition to writing 2,000+ words per day. This may turn into something akin to the rantings of a mental patient, but if it truly gets that bad I promise I’ll request a straitjacket to keep me from typing.

So here is to the first day!

Eat. Sleep. Write. Read. Repeat.

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