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Nerd? Well, maybe. Definitely.

I’ve been unsure about what to write lately. Every time I brought up this blog I’d pause, think for a moment, and then close the window. Nothing.

The past few weeks have been interesting though. Was sick as a dog a little while back. If sick as a dog means that sleeping on the ground seems like a good idea because the urge to vomit is somehow lessened that way. I barely ate anything that first day, even chicken soup was disgusting. The day that I was finally fully recovered was the day I practically inhaled a bowl of rice and chicken, I was so hungry.

Then, Super Bowl weekend came. I’m not a football fanatic. My grandfather played football in college though, so he likes to have family over to eat food and watch the game. I’ve learned to appreciate the energy of the game, but this particular game day I spent most of my time chatting in the other room and occasionally glancing at the score. I wound up discussing anime with my oldest sister most of the evening. I haven’t watched any in a while but we’d seen most of the same ones.

When most hear the word anime they think nerd and, well, they’re kind of right. But, I’m your average nerd, really. I don’t go around pretending that I’m a ninja, yelling out fight moves and throwing invisible shurikens. I watch anime because they are 1) pleasing to the eye aesthetically 2) another source of stories. I don’t care if it’s foreign, the story’s interesting. I get a little annoyed when they spend too much time in a scene simply thinking or staring (DBZ, anyone?), but I like everything else about them.

On to other things now:

1. I’m in a writing group, showed one of my short stories (intended audience, middle school boys) and they told me that they wanted a novel. A novel?! I admit that I mentally balked. But, but, but — it’s finished! They are probably right, so I’m going to be working on a major re-write.

2. I’m trying to learn Korean. I’m slowly memorizing their alphabet, known as Hanguel or 한 글. I now know how to write tree: 나무. I’m very proud of myself. I was first very confused about the positions of the symbols, but then learned one of the most important facts to correct writing. When you have a horizontal vowel, the consonant goes above it. Vertical, it goes beside it. Obviously this rule only applies to the first consonant.

3. I have been asked to be the editor of a newsletter. Woot! It’s not a paying job but, hey, experience. I’m excited… and nervous about it.

4. The freelance jobs are slowly rollin’ in. Was just hired for a rather decent paying job that’ll last about 3 days.

5. My dreams have become my writing inspiration lately. Next post will go more into details on that.


Until next time.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write. Repeat.

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I’ll Name Some Names, Nothing Else

As of 1 this morning I have officially passed the 1,000 word marker. That is both satisfying and disappointing. I was supposed to be over 4,000 words in already. My motivation is growing stronger though as I am discovering new characters and their stories. There’s a girl named Penny, some creatures named Snodgrass and Ratchett and an easily insulted being known only as Ghall. What exactly they have to do with each other, I have no idea but I’m getting there. Slowly.

I was pleased to see that the Camp Nanowrimo details have been announced. It looks as if it’s going to begin in July like I thought, which is fortunate because I’m not sure that I’d be able to start in on a fresh 50,000 words while trying to finish my first novel challenge.

I am beginning to feel excitement again surrounding my writing. It’s probably because I haven’t gone into detail about it with anyone. I’ll share a few names here and other tidbits but it has become a habit of mine not to discuss what I am writing with family and mostly everyone else. That just encourages questions and input that do more damage than help. It’s like telling someone that you’re going on a trip only to find that they’ve been to where you’re going and now wish to eagerly tell you every detail of what they remember, leaving no surprises left for your own trip.

Now, as you may have gleaned I was up very late. While I was writing I was also watching The Man In the Iron Mask (1998). And yes, I might have only watched it for Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m such a swoon-er at heart. I may not have been a Titanic fan girl, but that guy sure grows on you.

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What To Write, or, Inspiration Where I Can Get It

Confused by Kristian D.

Flickr, by Kristian D.

The first day was underwhelming, to be honest. I was fully hoping to make it to at least 2,000 words and, well, didn’t. Instead, I got very distracted. Mostly by stories that weren’t my own. I kept telling myself that it was all part of the process — and technically it is — but I felt guilty for ignoring my laptop and the story that was still waiting to be typed.

What to write, what to write…. That’s how it all started. I started with a story about scratching outside a young girls bedroom window and who knows where I will wind up by the end of this month.  There isn’t much inspiration in my life at the moment, and so I’m taking what I currently know which is the incessant scratch of branches outside my bedroom when the wind picks up. And, not to mention whatever creatures are burrowing into the ground at night. Rabbits. Ground squirrels. Toads.

Everything is trying to distract me. My nails need to be trimmed, I have to finish a book I’ve been reading, I “have” to watch this TV program. I started forming a To Do list in my head just to have the illusion of productivity, even though I knew it was keeping me from doing anything with my personal writing goal. I’m afraid of what my happen for today and the days to come. How many more distractions and what will it take for me to really get down to business?

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