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Validation, here I come.

I was going to post something over the weekend, I swear. I even started writing something up but then it turned into a rant… While I have often ranted on this blog before, it was getting kind of lengthy so I decided to just vent in private. I was ticked off because someone close to me has been making assumptions about me lately that I find offensive. Long story short, I feel even more motivated now to show them how wrong they are.

I had a similar situation with my pursuit in writing, to be honest. Some people wouldn’t take the fact that I wanted to make a living off of writing seriously. I didn’t take myself seriously for a while because I believed a lot of what people or said or suggested through the looks they sent me.

I’m STILL working on that book?

I’m STILL not published?

I’m STILL trying to make a living by writing?

My recent and quite sudden increase in workload has shut those comments/thoughts up. Yes-sir-ee. I got more editing jobs. Then I was asked to write a short story, some reviews, some articles and even a book. I’m officially a freelance ghost writer so in your face, doubters!


My point is that there is some underlying similarity to these two situations; what kept me going and, in the case of my writing, led me to some kind of validation. I never gave up on my interests. I continued down the road to writing even though there were doubts all around me, and I’m continuing my interest in what is currently causing some prejudice in others around me (I should probably mention right now that my interest is not illegal, immoral or taboo and is actually productive. It just happens to accumulate certain prejudice around it — like when people assume that all male dancers are gay or all writers are sleep deprived, druggy sex gods — and I’m not going into detail for privacy reasons. ). I’m still working towards the validation part for that, but I’m feeling so much more confident since I gained more presence in the writers’ world.

Now, I feel compelled to end this post with a song. Enjoy:

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