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Personal Enemy #1

Ever had one of those nights where you try to sleep — change positions, fluff the pillow, do a complete 180 in the bed to see if that’s more comfortable. — only to pop back up and decide, “Hey, I’m going to go online and write a blog post about my insomnia!” Well, you’re in luck ’cause you’re not alone.

Wait…. Okay, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about food and how much I like to eat it because, you know, food tastes good (Warning: Not all food tastes good. Particularly that meat surprise casserole that “some people” think qualifies as food). When I’m not writing my fingers down to the bone or wasting time online or watching shows that waste my time… 20 things-that-waste-my-time later… I’m trying to make something that tastes good.Okay, that sort of wastes my time as well but I do need to eat; keep my strength up to do all that writing and time-wasting stuff.

And, where am I going with this?

Oh, yes, here’s my point — FOOD IS TAKING OVER

For example, there was a scene in my work-in-progress involving earmuffs (minds out of the gutter). One second I’m typing away and then the image in my mind of the fluffy earmuffs leads to a thought. That thought lead to another thought and another though.

Why are you writing about your protagonist getting earmuffs when you could be eating something? Delicious food. FOOD. Tasty FOOD. YUM.

Food is my enemy number one on the distraction list at the moment. Why do I have to go roam the kitchen every time I get up from the computer? Even at this moment, I’m anticipating what I’m going to eat as soon as I get up from this computer. *Sigh*

So, wanting to eat isn’t so much the problem as the fact that I haven’t given myself much time to select anything healthy since this writing challenge began. Word of advice — don’t do that. Therefore, I’m making a new goal from here on out. Cease the junk food munching and have more veggies on my plate. Let’s face it. No matter how many people may have the illusion that artists are supposed to be starving, on drugs, worn out and/or mildly insane I don’t fit into that image. Except for, perhaps, the insane part…. and, I don’t have much defense for the worn out part at the moment, considering I’m writing this blog instead of sleeping.

You can add this little tidbit to your list of things to know before attempting a writing marathon, though you’re probably way wiser than I. You don’t need to be told to eat well while you write, right?

Going to go be unconscious for a little while now….ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Slumpity Slump Slump

This week has started off very slowly. My motivation to get anything done is extremely low, so I’ve spent several hours getting practically nothing done. Oh, what a lazy bum I am. What can I do to kick myself into gear? I thought of posting something, so here I am.

Today, I made what essentially looked like an oil spill on a plate. Fortunately, it didn’t taste like one and I was surprisingly compelled to go for seconds and then thirds. It wasn’t the best thing in the world — might have been better, had I bothered to get pork/beef and more potatoes — but the flavor was interest enough that I didn’t feel like discretely dumping it into the garbage and airing out the house to hide the evidence.

Anyway, still counting down to Camp NaNoWriMo. I want to get a few things out of the way before it starts, like cleaning and organizing. There is nothing like a dusty room to distract you from writing. When you have to sit and think, suddenly all these things that need to be done around the house are noticed. I’ll probably spend some time outside and elsewhere to help with that as well. Can’t notice what needs to get scrubbed or swept at home when you’re not at home, can you?

*Very Long Sigh*

*More Sighing*

Bah, I hardly feel like doing anything! What do you do when you’re in a slump, eh? Anyone?

Eat. Sleep…..

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