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Validation, here I come.

I was going to post something over the weekend, I swear. I even started writing something up but then it turned into a rant… While I have often ranted on this blog before, it was getting kind of lengthy so I decided to just vent in private. I was ticked off because someone close to me has been making assumptions about me lately that I find offensive. Long story short, I feel even more motivated now to show them how wrong they are.

I had a similar situation with my pursuit in writing, to be honest. Some people wouldn’t take the fact that I wanted to make a living off of writing seriously. I didn’t take myself seriously for a while because I believed a lot of what people or said or suggested through the looks they sent me.

I’m STILL working on that book?

I’m STILL not published?

I’m STILL trying to make a living by writing?

My recent and quite sudden increase in workload has shut those comments/thoughts up. Yes-sir-ee. I got more editing jobs. Then I was asked to write a short story, some reviews, some articles and even a book. I’m officially a freelance ghost writer so in your face, doubters!


My point is that there is some underlying similarity to these two situations; what kept me going and, in the case of my writing, led me to some kind of validation. I never gave up on my interests. I continued down the road to writing even though there were doubts all around me, and I’m continuing my interest in what is currently causing some prejudice in others around me (I should probably mention right now that my interest is not illegal, immoral or taboo and is actually productive. It just happens to accumulate certain prejudice around it — like when people assume that all male dancers are gay or all writers are sleep deprived, druggy sex gods — and I’m not going into detail for privacy reasons. ). I’m still working towards the validation part for that, but I’m feeling so much more confident since I gained more presence in the writers’ world.

Now, I feel compelled to end this post with a song. Enjoy:

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Being Busy and Grammar Nazis

So… I tried something a while back (like a week ago) and it didn’t work out quite as expected. If you noticed it, erase it from your mind! Okay, just kidding. It wasn’t really embarrassing. There just happened to be a posting fail.

Anyways… I have some good news and I’ve got some bad news. Good news: I’m busy. Bad news: I’m busy.

It’s good for me financially that I’m busy ghost writing and what-not, but it’s bad for my personal writing. This blog fits into that category. I’ve been pretty bad when it comes to updating this blog already, but I really want to organize my schedule a little better in order to post at least once a week on this. So, the challenge has been made. I will be posting something — anything — on Fridays or Saturdays.

I feel like Fridays would work since that is the day when I finally recover from the crazy week and stop panicking about my schedule. I usually start that again on Sunday evening.


There’s the information and here’s something about writing — Do you know how many grammatical errors we make in our day to day speech? I had to transcribe something this week and — wow — the person use “and” a lot. They also left a lot of sentences fragmented. In writing it was basically a mess of run-on sentences and those fragmented thoughts.

This, honestly, is how a lot of people talk. So, when you start writing your dialogue you should keep this in mind. It’s okay if you polish it up just a little bit, but don’t make them sound like a posh intellect who speaks with precision and poise unless they are a posh intellect. No matter how time consuming my experience was in the end, it was a good reminder of what dialogue should really be like. People don’t often edit what they’re going to say in day to day conversations so they make mistakes and sometimes use double negatives.

If you’re writing  grammatically perfect dialogue all of the time it’s going to sound artificial. Don’t do it if you think you’re doing a favor for your reader by being the grammar Nazi. Wat your reader wants is a story they can believe, even if it’s just for that moment.

Note: If it’s a children’s book, you can be a grammar Nazi. I kid isn’t going t understand the different between vernacular and proper grammar.

Okay, I’m off to work again.

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write.

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Will Write For Money

The second session of Camp NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and guess what? I’m not participating!


Now, now, it’s not like I’ve totally crumpled in defeat and have refused to write. I will still be writing 1500+ words everyday (have been doing so for the past three days, in fact), but it will not be for a novel. It’s not even my own story, really, thought I almost feel as if it is my own at this point. I’m writing for a client — fiction, finally! — and the idea of taking on that and trying to write a novel? EEK! So, the novel is on the back-burner once more.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing so magnificently fast in the past few days. After months of working on nothing but articles and edits, I feel light and free. There’s also the added bonus of it NOT being my story. This doesn’t mean that I’m slacking on my work, no-siree. It just means that I’ve finally found that feeling that I need to have when I’m working on my own stories. To put a twist on a popular saying: “Just keep writing, just keep writing”

Many times, because I’m so close to the story that I am working on, I tend to freeze up and fret over every single sentence. It must be perfect. It must be witty and beautiful and rich. This kind of thinking gets you about 100 words after hours of pulling your hair out in front of your computer. Don’t do it!

So, how do you detach yourself from your brain child? Well, I’m still working on that. Finding that metaphorical umbilical cord is a little tricky… And, I may have gone too far with that image.

I’m gonna go do something else now. See ya! Oh, and tell me if you figure the secret out before me. All I’ve got is a scenario involving snacks and sleep deprivation. Anyways… Toodles!

Eat. Sleep. Read. Write.

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